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Weekly Planner Printable

Start your weekend with this beautiful planner. The design reeks of art kid meets Instagram aesthetics. It’s carefully planned to get your life in order before a new week starts.

The first part of the planner focuses on reflecting on the past week, so you can look back at your past when you fare feeling that burst of nostalgia.

The second part is structured to help you track your habits and of course, plan out your upcoming week with a weekly bullet journal spread you can’t help but love.

Expense Tracker Printable

We can’t deny that keeping track of your expenses is a great way to be more mindful about where we are spending our money. But for me, the usual spreadsheet like expense trackers available online made the task of expense tracking so dry that I put it off for years. But I didn’t have the time to draw my own trackers by hand every week either.

So, I came up with the perfect solution and created this creative expense tracker which is super easy to use and at the same time, the hand-drawn aesthetics makes you want to fill up the pages at the end of each day. It is available in an editable PDF format as well.

Nighttime Self-Care Routine Printable

What stands in the way of your motivation and productivity today may not be today itself, but instead demons from your yesterday, the anxieties and frustrations arising out of the unpleasant experiences of the days past that you didn’t leave behind.

Download this editable nighttime self-care routine printable. And on each night, sit down with a cup of tea and fill up the pages. I designed it it to help you let go of all the things that’s been bogging you down today, so you can take on tomorrow with a fresh mind and a clean soul.